Day of Repentance

Anti-Racism Pledge

“Bear fruit worthy of repentance” (Matthew 3:8)

In recognition that repenting for the sin of racism is just the first of many steps of the new life promised to us in Christ, I hereby commit to study, prayer, and action to become an anti-racist individual in an anti-racist church:


1.     Study: I commit to learning more about the history and practice of white supremacy and systemic racism, both alone and in conversation with others.

2.     Prayer: I commit to praying for and with people from other faith communities, racial and ethnic groups, political affiliations, and geographic locations, asking for the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our work of combatting racism.

3.     Action: I commit to reaching out to build or deepen relationships with people within and outside my own faith community. In these relationships, I commit to:

a.     Listening to the voices and experiences of others, especially when hard truths are spoken;

b.     Speaking up when individual actions or social structures perpetuate systemic racism and white supremacy;

c.     Stepping out in courage and faith, willing to risk concrete acts of love, justice, and mercy.

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